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Labor Day Memories

One year ago I spent Labor Day weekend proofreading Jeanne Goen’s manuscript. It was published two weeks before she died, feeling complete that her book, priceless stories of her life, was out in the world. Today I’m remembering fearless and effervescent Jeanne with love and the fondest of memories. We are with you.


Friends, love


I’m so lucky to be connected to an incredible network of women on FB. And I’m so grateful to have been paid a Sunday morning visit by one of those women – beautiful and kind Mary Farina (connected through who else but THE Amy Ferris.) My back is still not letting me go where I want and need to go and we leave for Chile in a few days. In my Prednisone-induced 2:00 AM obsessions I was stewing about how I could possibly get beautiful gifts to bring to our Chilean family wedding. I’d go online, click on things, put them in my cart and bail. Then I saw Mary’s Grateful Glass FB postings. Gorgeous! Hand made. We ‘talked.’ She suggested. She created. She just delivered. We talked around my dining room table as if we’d known each other for years. And here they are. Mary Farina’s Grateful Glass beauties. Soon to go with us to Santiago. From her heart and soul and kiln. Gracias, Mary! -with Amy Ferris and Mary Farina.


Books, Classes, Writing


When I was all of 22 I decided I wanted to teach. But I only wanted to teach in a school like Summerhill, which I’d read about and loved. I learned of such a school nearby, in Rockland County, where I lived at the time. I walked in, met the four teachers who’d started it a year earlier, began to volunteer the following week and ended up teaching there for the next 7 years. Those 4 teachers are in this photo, taken at a reunion 5 years ago. Our students are still in touch with us. We all, teachers, students, parents changed each other’s lives. Jim, you were/are the heart of the school. Can’t wait to be together in May.