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Upcoming- HerShop

What a gorgeous day to announce this wonderful news. Amy Ferris, writer extraordinaire, author, editor, screenwriter, memoirist is coming to LA in June to do a one-day Writing HerShop with Jody Kobak Feagan and Katie Rountree. I went to one of Amy’s HerShops last year and her extraordinary gifts deepened and changed my writing. If you have a story to tell (don’t we all) run, don’t walk to be with Amy Ferris. She is a rare teacher. And…. I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be teaching a HerShop in June myself – Screenwriting RX – for aspiring screenwriters who want to work on their scripts or want to adapt their books for TV/film. Please see the website for more info. NOTE: These will fill up quickly.

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Author, speaker, muse Amy Ferris talks with Marilu Henner about Amy’s groundbreaking new book, “Shades of Blue.” Gorgeous, honest discussion about depression in all its shades and suicide. Amy decided this was a subject that needed to come out of the darkness into the light after Robin Williams’ suicide. A must-listen!

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I’m so lucky to be connected to an incredible network of women on FB. And I’m so grateful to have been paid a Sunday morning visit by one of those women – beautiful and kind Mary Farina (connected through who else but THE Amy Ferris.) My back is still not letting me go where I want and need to go and we leave for Chile in a few days. In my Prednisone-induced 2:00 AM obsessions I was stewing about how I could possibly get beautiful gifts to bring to our Chilean family wedding. I’d go online, click on things, put them in my cart and bail. Then I saw Mary’s Grateful Glass FB postings. Gorgeous! Hand made. We ‘talked.’ She suggested. She created. She just delivered. We talked around my dining room table as if we’d known each other for years. And here they are. Mary Farina’s Grateful Glass beauties. Soon to go with us to Santiago. From her heart and soul and kiln. Gracias, Mary! -with Amy Ferris and Mary Farina.


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Amy Ferris


This woman. Amy Ferris: author of “Dancing at the Shame Prom,” “Marrying George Clooney,” “Shades of Blue,” etc. Wonderfully brave, life-changing books by a writer extraordinaire, a brilliant and fiercely kind writing teacher. And a crackup. Amy Ferris is a woman who lifts up other women and shines her bright, bright light on them. How lucky was I to take a writing workshop with her, where she asked if I had copies of my book with me. “No,” I said. “Get them,” she insisted. “Ask your husband to bring them over. Do it!” And so I did and he did and she made sure everyone at the workshop knew this was my book. How lucky am I learn about the generosity of this woman, Amy Ferris, and to have her shine her bright, bright light on my novel? Damn lucky. And I’m going to keep paying that forward. Thank you, wonderful and amazing Amy. Oh, how I love you.