Writing Classes & Slipper Camp

What is Slipper Camp?

Dear Prospective Slipper Camper,

Thank you for your interest in this 20-day adventure into the untamed wilds of your capacity as a writer.

You can sign up for a Slipper Camp at anytime (before it starts) by emailing me and paying the tuition.

The basic idea of Online Slipper Camp is pretty simple. Please read these instructions and keep for reference.

  1. When Slipper Camp starts, I will send you detailed instructions and writing prompts on a specific topic to choose from. They will come to you every OTHER DAY until Day Ten.  (NOTE: Each day of Slipper Camp is sent to you via MailChimp. Sometimes it ends up in your SPAM filter. If you don’t see a SLIPPER CAMP DAY in your email at 7:00 AM please notify my right hand woman, Maggie.)
  2. As above, your Slipper Camp email will be in your inbox at 7:00 AM. You can open it whenever you choose and write on one prompt a day. Your choice. (Or you can ignore the prompts and continue writing an ongoing project.) In every day of Slipper Camp there will also be additional writing tips and coaching suggestions.
  3. Every OTHER day for the next 20 days you will read the accompanying coaching letter and write 1,000 words (about two pages) on any prompt you choose. Just pick one and GO!
  4. You will email your text to me by midnight every OTHER night.
  5. When I get it, I will read everything you wrote.
  6. I won’t comment on it, though. Not yet. Slipper Camp is designed to help you go deeper into your writing, not respond to my comments.
  7. After you’ve finished your tenth day of writing we will make a date to talk on the phone about your work and what comes next for you as a writer.

A few things to keep in mind…

How long is 1,000 words?
On the computer, 1000 words in 10 or 12-point type, in a standard font, single spaced, is 2 pages of text.

The Goal: to create a writing practice
The most important element in Slipper Camp is NOT the quality or even the volume of the pages you are about to write.
The most vital element is building a rhythm as a writer.