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Slipper Camp: Family


FAMILY: Is there any other word that carries so much weight?

If you click on the photo above you’ll see why it reminds me of my family and perhaps of yours.
Everyone is in their own world. The star is in the middle, skating circles around them all.
Families are like that. They have their own unique structure and pecking order.

SLIPPER CAMP FAMILY is a twenty day online writing course on that theme. Three prompts will arrive in your mailbox every OTHER day. You get to stay home and write in PJs and slippers.

SLIPPER CAMP FAMILY: Starts Jan 13th. Ends Feb 1.

It’s only open to the first 10 writers who sign up.

SLIPPER CAMP FAMILY: Thousands of books have been written about families. What do you have to say about yours?

Thank you for letting me know if you’re interested.
PM me for tuition details.


imageWelcome to Linda Schreyer’s official website. You can find information on my body of work, blog, podcasts, and contact information. I regularly teach writing classes both online and in person- please email me for all inquiries.

Linda’s New Book


“Linda Schreyer and Jo-Ann Lautman have succeeded in creating a page-turner of a novel about youthful widows and widowers without succumbing to mind numbing stereotypes and outdated stage theories. Set in a magical realm called Oasis, where grievers come to heal and grow, the grief group members infuse the book with vitality and their own unique voices as they share their pain, sorrow and even some light-hearted fun. Tears and Tequila, takes readers on the roller coaster that is grief, while reminding us that human beings can learn to live, love and thrive after untimely loss.”
Lauren Schneider LCSW at Our House Grief Support Center- Clinical Director of Child and Adolescent Programs

Lauren Schneider

“Joey Lerner is long overdue for reinvention and restoration. Readers will love Linda Schreyer and Jo-Ann Lautman’s Joey, and her bittersweet and often humorous journey, As Joey goes from handyperson to grief group counselor in a rundown learning center called “Oasis,” she finds refuge, love and ultimately her own path.”
Leora Krygier, author of When She Sleeps, Juvenile Court, and First the Raven

Leora Krygier

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