Tears and Tequila in Libraries

Just the other day one of my friends asked me if I had heard of I never had but it’s the “world’s largest network of library content and services.” I was thrilled when I looked up my novel, Tears and Tequila, and discovered it’s in 64 libraries across the U.S., Australia, Singapore, etc. I am so very honored that so many libraries are carrying my novel. Overjoyed!

Here is a link to the site:

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As I begin to write my next novel

As I begin to write my next novel I find myself exquisitely sensitive to the merest hint of criticism when I talk about what I’m writing. I’ve done an about-face recently and decided to finish an unfinished novel I started in 2001. Yes, I put aside The Goldsmith’s Daughter. Again. The scope of that story daunted me. And I found I was not happy to be back in that world as I was writing it. The title of my next novel is mbird and I’ve secretly delighted in and loved this magical world for 15 years. I am blissfully happy when I disappear back into it. Giddy, actually. Yet I find myself plagued with self-doubt when I think about the viability of this book and the potential criticism I might face even as I mentor/cheerlead all my writing students to just keep writing. No matter what. The fearless honesty of the article below made me realize, once again, how sensitive we are as writers, so easily wounded when we’re in the early stages of a book. Thank you, Irene Allison, for your timely words. You just gave me a large drink of courage this morning. I’m putting this out there as a first step towards silencing that loud, dominant voice of self-doubt.

Here is a link to Irene Allison’s blog post.


Learning to Eat Along the Way

This woman. This book. Boy, do I have a story about Margaret Bendet and a chance meeting with her in the 1970s that changed my life. Will tell that when I’m not STILL SICK!!!! Meanwhile, I just ordered her book. It’s certain to be amazing. Thank you, Peggy. I still have the crystal mala you gave me in 1980.


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To Kill a Mockingbird Read-a-Thon at the Barnes and Noble at The Grove



Yesterday, I participated in the To Kill a Mockingbird Read-a-Thon at Barnes & Noble/The Grove. The event took place throughout the day and I was so honored to be alongside such wonderful authors and speakers. Dawn Wells (the Mary-Ann from Gilligan’s Island), Josh Sabarra (Author of Porn Again: A Memoir), and Cynthia Fox (from 100.3 The Sound) all read at 11am with me (also in the photo above).


I was honored to sign “Tears and Tequila” at Barnes&Noble – The Grove – beneath Harper Lee.  I was spellbound by the world she created, and the beauty of her words as we read TKAM aloud at the all-day-read-a-thon organized by Lita Weissman.



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As I struggle with my next book – is it a memoir, is it a novel, what is the chronology, what genre is it – along comes this brave and beautiful conversation about that exact question!! Answers from two masters- Jeanette Winterson and Helen Macdonald. I thank them for this bright ray of hope and clarity. Absolutely made my day. If you read it, you’ll see what I mean.



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Importance of Reading to a Writer

A great piece about the importance of reading to a writer. I agree 100%. Now that I’m writing my next book I’m reading constantly and what I read changes how I write. Yesterday, I read “The Rules of Inheritance” by Claire Bidwell Smith, a must read for her way with words, honesty, wisdom and structure. Her book inspired me to dig deeper. Thank you, Claire. And thank you for this, Jill Swenson.

Check it out here.