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Labor Day Memories

One year ago I spent Labor Day weekend proofreading Jeanne Goen’s manuscript. It was published two weeks before she died, feeling complete that her book, priceless stories of her life, was out in the world. Today I’m remembering fearless and effervescent Jeanne with love and the fondest of memories. We are with you.


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Upcoming- HerShop

What a gorgeous day to announce this wonderful news. Amy Ferris, writer extraordinaire, author, editor, screenwriter, memoirist is coming to LA in June to do a one-day Writing HerShop with Jody Kobak Feagan and Katie Rountree. I went to one of Amy’s HerShops last year and her extraordinary gifts deepened and changed my writing. If you have a story to tell (don’t we all) run, don’t walk to be with Amy Ferris. She is a rare teacher. And…. I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be teaching a HerShop in June myself – Screenwriting RX – for aspiring screenwriters who want to work on their scripts or want to adapt their books for TV/film. Please see the website for more info. NOTE: These will fill up quickly.

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I was twelve when legendary Little Golden Books illustrator Tibor Gergely (Scuffy the Tugboat, Tootle the Engine, etc.) drew me, in his studio on Lexington Avenue in NYC, lost in my favorite activity. Now, decades later, today, I got to stand next to my likeness in the Platt/Bornstein Gallery at American Jewish University. Only this time I’m only pretending to read. smile emoticonThese days, all my extra time is spent on rewriting my family story (which many of you know as The Goldsmith’s Daughter.) As I excavate the past I’m struck by the extraordinary artists who peopled my life as a child. Tibor Gergely, my surrogate uncle (whom we called ‘Geri’) was my very favorite person. Thank you for then and now, Geri. Then and now. So very grateful


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I started my morning reading this beautiful post from friend Pam L. Houston. As I create the Slipper Camp 2016 – about LOVE – I was struck by Pam’s words: May we all engage with the things that allow us to face the world with love instead of fear, as this ship we are all on together swings its big bow today, back toward the sun. Thank you, Pam Houston for this. I needed it today.

The longest night of the year has passed. And these last weeks have seemed particularly dark, filled with, to borrow a phrase from a friend, empty militancy and compassionless ideology. It’s been harder than ever to have faith in America. Harder than ever to have faith in a lot of things. My solstice prayer this year is that the return of the light will indeed be the return of the light. A long time ago I met Carlos Casteneda in an airport–I was not particularly a fan–but he told me many things I have never forgotten, including how important it is to face the changes in my life with love instead of fear. I don’t always succeed at this of course, but I do try. Dogs help, and music, and great literature, and maybe most of all the natural world. May we all engage with the things that allow us to face the world with love instead of fear, as this ship we are all on together swings its big bow today, back toward the sun.



Author, speaker, muse Amy Ferris talks with Marilu Henner about Amy’s groundbreaking new book, “Shades of Blue.” Gorgeous, honest discussion about depression in all its shades and suicide. Amy decided this was a subject that needed to come out of the darkness into the light after Robin Williams’ suicide. A must-listen!

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Hotel Antumalal

We are at the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen – the Antumalal in Pucon, Chile, built on a cliff overlooking Lake Villarica, 500 miles south of Santiago. I’m writing an article about the story behind the founding of this hotel – by two visionary Czech refugees who escaped Hitler in 1938, the same year my parents escaped from Vienna to New York. The more I learn about the couple who dreamed this astonishing place into existence the more fascinated I become. Finding ‘family’ here in Chile. Feeling so inspired… (

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I’m so lucky to be connected to an incredible network of women on FB. And I’m so grateful to have been paid a Sunday morning visit by one of those women – beautiful and kind Mary Farina (connected through who else but THE Amy Ferris.) My back is still not letting me go where I want and need to go and we leave for Chile in a few days. In my Prednisone-induced 2:00 AM obsessions I was stewing about how I could possibly get beautiful gifts to bring to our Chilean family wedding. I’d go online, click on things, put them in my cart and bail. Then I saw Mary’s Grateful Glass FB postings. Gorgeous! Hand made. We ‘talked.’ She suggested. She created. She just delivered. We talked around my dining room table as if we’d known each other for years. And here they are. Mary Farina’s Grateful Glass beauties. Soon to go with us to Santiago. From her heart and soul and kiln. Gracias, Mary! -with Amy Ferris and Mary Farina.