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Blessings this week

Big news this week.

I finally found a home for my mother’s Burning Wooden Synagogue paintings. (Burned in Eastern Europe on Kristallnacht.) Some of you may recall that at the end of her life my mother, artist Greta Schreyer painted a series of 6 of these burning synagogues. She said she had to live long enough to find the courage to paint them. They were exhibited in a museum in NY before they came tome when my mother died 10 years ago last October. And here they’ve been, in the studio, all these years.

This week the first shipment of these paintings went to the Skirball Museum – Cincinnati.
I’m incredibly grateful and a bit overwhelmed.

It’s been my decade-long goal to get these to the right museum. I’ve tried again and again. Now that they’re packed and ready, my tears are falling. Not exactly for my mother. I’m so grateful to have found a good home for these. But just before we closed the shipping boxes I began to sob. For the suffering of Jews in these small towns in Poland where these synagogues were set on fire. I said a prayer over them.

And now, off they go.


Friends, love


I’m so lucky to be connected to an incredible network of women on FB. And I’m so grateful to have been paid a Sunday morning visit by one of those women – beautiful and kind Mary Farina (connected through who else but THE Amy Ferris.) My back is still not letting me go where I want and need to go and we leave for Chile in a few days. In my Prednisone-induced 2:00 AM obsessions I was stewing about how I could possibly get beautiful gifts to bring to our Chilean family wedding. I’d go online, click on things, put them in my cart and bail. Then I saw Mary’s Grateful Glass FB postings. Gorgeous! Hand made. We ‘talked.’ She suggested. She created. She just delivered. We talked around my dining room table as if we’d known each other for years. And here they are. Mary Farina’s Grateful Glass beauties. Soon to go with us to Santiago. From her heart and soul and kiln. Gracias, Mary! -with Amy Ferris and Mary Farina.


Tibor Gergely and Me

Tibor Gergely and I

Sitting in the studio, surrounded by their art, missing those who’ve left us after losing their families in the Holocaust. My mother, Greta Schreyer, Tibor Gergely, her best friend. Love you both. Grateful for the legacy you left; as always, hoping to keep your memories alive. (A never-before-seen drawing of me, age 10, by Tibor Gergely.)