Tears and Tequila in Libraries

Just the other day one of my friends asked me if I had heard of I never had but it’s the “world’s largest network of library content and services.” I was thrilled when I looked up my novel, Tears and Tequila, and discovered it’s in 64 libraries across the U.S., Australia, Singapore, etc. I am so very honored that so many libraries are carrying my novel. Overjoyed!

Here is a link to the site:


Learning to Eat Along the Way

This woman. This book. Boy, do I have a story about Margaret Bendet and a chance meeting with her in the 1970s that changed my life. Will tell that when I’m not STILL SICK!!!! Meanwhile, I just ordered her book. It’s certain to be amazing. Thank you, Peggy. I still have the crystal mala you gave me in 1980.



Fire Season by Hollye Dexter

Ganesh, remover of obstacles stands guard on Hollye Dexter’s deep and searing “Burn Season.” Picked the book up and couldn’t put it down. What a writer. What a journey from ruin to redemption. Congratulations, Hollye! See you at the launch – Barnes and Noble – The Grove – April 25.

Hollye Dexter
Fire Season by Hollye Dexter