Tears and Tequila in Libraries

Just the other day one of my friends asked me if I had heard of I never had but it’s the “world’s largest network of library content and services.” I was thrilled when I looked up my novel, Tears and Tequila, and discovered it’s in 64 libraries across the U.S., Australia, Singapore, etc. I am so very honored that so many libraries are carrying my novel. Overjoyed!

Here is a link to the site:

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Hollye Dexter’s Barnes and Noble Event

hollye1Over this past weekend I went to the most amazing book launch at Barnes and Noble – The Grove – of Hollye Dexter’s phenomenal book, FIRE SEASON.

It is a must-read, searing account of the roller coaster ride that began for Hollye and Troy Dexter on the night they jumped out of a second story window when their house was engulfed in flames. Her story – from ruin to redemption – ends with hope.

On Saturday, Hollye read a riveting and heartfelt passage, held up a charred childhood diary dug out of the rubble, presented an expert from the Red Cross who told us how to keep safe in emergencies and was joined by husband Troy Dexter on guitar and singers Gloria Loring and Stephen Bishop. What a family. What a community. What a book launch. Magic!!!

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Book Club Event for Tears and Tequila

Big, huge thank you and love to Diane Golden for hosting a scintillating TEARS AND TEQUILA brunch/book club in her home high above the Pacific Ocean. Jo-Ann Lautman, Marion Rosenberg and I were wined, dined and delighted to talk with these brilliant women – a psychologist, a psychiatrist and two lawyers. Phew. I was nervous beforehand. But we left, warmed and engaged by their welcoming hearts and insightful comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the best part of writing a book!!!