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Slipper Camp – Love & Mercy


Dear Writers,

I’m excited to announce a brand new Slipper Camp. The subject: LOVE & MERCY ON AUGUST 2 – AUGUST 21.

Slipper Camp is a 20 day online writing experience. (10 days of receiving writing prompts; 2 days to write each one.) I call it Slipper Camp because you can stay home and write in your PJ’S and slippers.

Every morning at 7:00 AM the day’s prompts will arrive in your mailbox. You will be asked to write 1,000 words every other day (approx. 2 pages) on a prompt of your choice and you will send it to me by midnight of the following day.

Every day I will acknowledge that I got it. Every day I will read your writing. But I won’t comment on it yet. (Because Slipper Camp is designed to create a rhythm of writing daily or every other day, without feedback. Yet.)

When the 20 days are up, you will have written 10,000 words. No small feat.

When the 20 days are up we will talk one-on-one (over the phone) about your writing.

NOTE: SLIPPER CAMP IS ONLY OPEN TO THE FIRST 10 WRITERS WHO SIGN UP. Can’t read more than that every day!

This Slipper Camp will guide you to write about love and mercy in any way you choose. What does love mean to you? Is mercy a sign of weakness or strength? Every day there will be several different prompts to choose from. What you write will depend on how the prompts hit you.

In 2011, I noticed that there were many online Writing Boot Camps – they all ask for writing to be done every day. I decided that pace was too hectic – ergo, Slipper Camp. Geared to our busy lives. A gentler way to get some great writing done over 20 days. I create three unique prompts per day for you to choose from – totaling 30 prompts per Slipper Camp. OR you can choose to write from none of the prompts and use this as a kickass way to get 10,000 words written over 20 days. However you do it, It WORKS.

Now, over 250 writers later, this is my 16th Slipper Camp with brand new prompts.

So let’s get writing and have some fun! Please message me for the fee. I welcome you to Slipper Camp!

Also, sign up using this link:


Writers in Residence Program



“Hedgebrook is on Whidbey Island, about thirty-five miles northwest of Seattle. Situated on 48-acres of forest and meadow facing Puget Sound, with a view of Mount Rainier, the retreat hosts writers from all over the world for residencies of two to six weeks, at no cost to the writer.

Six writers are in residence at a time, each housed in a handcrafted cottage. They spend their days in solitude – writing, reading, taking walks in the woods on the property or on nearby Double Bluff beach. In the evenings, they gather in the farmhouse kitchen to share a home-cooked gourmet meal, their work, their process and their stories. The Writers in Residence Program is Hedgebrook’s core program, supporting the fully-funded residencies of approximately 40 writers at the retreat each year.

Our selection process occurs once a year in the fall, with a late July deadline for submissions. Notifications are made by the beginning of December. Through a completely anonymous, three-round process, approximately forty writers are invited for residencies of two weeks to six weeks. Our residency season runs from February through October.

For more information about the Writers in Residence Program, contact Program Director, Vito Zingarelli at”

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Amy Ferris


This woman. Amy Ferris: author of “Dancing at the Shame Prom,” “Marrying George Clooney,” “Shades of Blue,” etc. Wonderfully brave, life-changing books by a writer extraordinaire, a brilliant and fiercely kind writing teacher. And a crackup. Amy Ferris is a woman who lifts up other women and shines her bright, bright light on them. How lucky was I to take a writing workshop with her, where she asked if I had copies of my book with me. “No,” I said. “Get them,” she insisted. “Ask your husband to bring them over. Do it!” And so I did and he did and she made sure everyone at the workshop knew this was my book. How lucky am I learn about the generosity of this woman, Amy Ferris, and to have her shine her bright, bright light on my novel? Damn lucky. And I’m going to keep paying that forward. Thank you, wonderful and amazing Amy. Oh, how I love you.