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Slipper Camp – Grandmas & Grandkids


Slipper Camp Grandmas and Grandkids starts May 3rd/Ends May 21st. You don’t have be a grandmother to take this online writing course.

This is for grandkids who are close to their grandmas and those who’ve lost them. For grandmas who are close to their grandkids and those who aren’t. It’s for anyone who wants to write about that bond – the good, the bad, the ordinary.

Slipper Camp will be the same format as always: ten writers will receive three illustrated prompts about grandmothers and grandkids every OTHER morning for 20 days along with daily writing tips and coaching suggestions. If you join you will send me 1,000 words by midnight every other day.

Here’s a link to Linda’s story about becoming a grandma… in Bali:

Starts May 3rd/Ends May 21st
Limit: Ten writers
Payment will secure your spot.
Thank you.