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Slipper Camp – Grandmas & Grandkids


Slipper Camp Grandmas and Grandkids starts May 3rd/Ends May 21st. You don’t have be a grandmother to take this online writing course.

This is for grandkids who are close to their grandmas and those who’ve lost them. For grandmas who are close to their grandkids and those who aren’t. It’s for anyone who wants to write about that bond – the good, the bad, the ordinary.

Slipper Camp will be the same format as always: ten writers will receive three illustrated prompts about grandmothers and grandkids every OTHER morning for 20 days along with daily writing tips and coaching suggestions. If you join you will send me 1,000 words by midnight every other day.

Here’s a link to Linda’s story about becoming a grandma… in Bali:

Starts May 3rd/Ends May 21st
Limit: Ten writers
Payment will secure your spot.
Thank you.

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Daughter of Two Artists

When you have a granddaughter in Bali, you know her life is different than if she were raised here. And when I saw this photo, 3 years ago, I realized just how different her life is. Because this is Jazz, age 5, ‘piecing with a krink mop’ according to her dad, my son Evan, outside their house in Bali, free to be as abstract as her inner muse takes her. ‪#‎daughteroftwoartists‬ ‪#‎baligirl‬‪#‎grandkidsarethebest‬ ‪#‎truelove‬


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One Year Ago

Our Bali granddaughter, our beloved Jazz came to Brentwood with me where I taught a writing class as she read and drew and thoroughly enchanted the class. Afterwards, we went out for ice cream. And here she is, almost 7, pure sweetness and beauty, sharing a moment of love with me. In six weeks, I leave for Bali to celebrate her 8th birthday in her home, where she was born in a bathtub of frangipani flowers, delivered into the loving hands of midwife Ibu Robin Lim. I was the first to hold her, after her mama and papa. When they handed her to me I was overcome with love. I’m still overcome with love for Jazz. I haven’t been with her since August and she says she’s waiting until I arrive to cut her hair. I’m waiting, too, Jazz. For the moment you’re in my arms again, always deeply familiar despite the months and the miles. That’s what love does. Keeps us heart to heart. Keeps us deeply connected. Always. Our beloved Jazz..


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So…. Caroline Leavitt wrote a gorgeous essay in Amy Ferris’ powerful anthology, SHADES OF BLUE about how Caroline felt when her son left for college: “Life without Max. The sorrow rides under the joy, like a burr stuck to us, or a rudder propelling us forward. I miss him in all his stages…” Her words made me cry. Because that’s how I feel about our beloved granddaughter Jazz, who lives in Bali, although I never had the words for it before. Yes, we have two incredible grandkids here in town. Yes, we see them every Friday. And of course we adore them. But we only see Jazz about every 6 months. And I often feel I miss her in all her stages. So, because of the clarity from Caroline’s words (thank you!) I will be going to Bali for Jazz’s 8th birthday on April 6. And I’m going to bring some of these cookies with her favorite book titles: Matilda, The BFG, Charlotte’s Web, etc. See you in a few, Jazz!


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Seven Years Ago…

Seven years ago on April 6 at 1:14 PM, our exquisite Jazz (Jasmine Rue Seelig Sugerman) was born in a bathtub in Bali, delivered into the hands of magnificent Robin Lim, midwife to the babies of the world, one year later the CNN Hero of the Year. (Please see Yayasan Bumi Sehat.) I was honored to be in that bathroom when Jazz was born as Ibu Robin told my son, Evan, to speak to her so his voice would be the first she ever heard. Marcelle, her mama, was luminous with love for her baby. Marcelle’s mother, Miriam Seelig, was chanting Hebrew prayers. Candles were burning. The bathtub was filled with frangipani flowers. Through my tears, I saw the ghosts of my ancestors, lost in the Holocaust, gathered in the corner of the room, welcoming this new life with such great joy. I was lucky to be the third person to hold Jazz, as she still reminds me. Being a part of such a miracle is still, today, the most memorable moment of my life. In the coming days, Jazz was blessed with ceremonies and graced us with her beatific smile. Today, seven years later, she continues to grace us with her beauty, great love, kindness and hilarious laughter. I love you, Jazz, more than I can ever say. I’ve loved you every moment of your life. And today I wish you the happiest of birthdays — all the way across the 8,000 miles that divide us (physically) while I am always with you, as you are always with me.



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