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Importance of Reading to a Writer

A great piece about the importance of reading to a writer. I agree 100%. Now that I’m writing my next book I’m reading constantly and what I read changes how I write. Yesterday, I read “The Rules of Inheritance” by Claire Bidwell Smith, a must read for her way with words, honesty, wisdom and structure. Her book inspired me to dig deeper. Thank you, Claire. And thank you for this, Jill Swenson.

Check it out here.


Remember to take a break

Writers, writers everywhere. If you are like me and you get completely engrossed in writing on your computer, here’s what you need!
This is an app that reminds you to take a break, dims your computer screen if you’re break-resistant and allows you to set how often it reminds and for how long. Aside from all of your other magnificent suggestions (drink water!!) I just downloaded this to help me help myself! Thank you, Tracey A, for this. Take a look…

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Book Club Event for Tears and Tequila

Big, huge thank you and love to Diane Golden for hosting a scintillating TEARS AND TEQUILA brunch/book club in her home high above the Pacific Ocean. Jo-Ann Lautman, Marion Rosenberg and I were wined, dined and delighted to talk with these brilliant women – a psychologist, a psychiatrist and two lawyers. Phew. I was nervous beforehand. But we left, warmed and engaged by their welcoming hearts and insightful comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the best part of writing a book!!!