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Roberta Eisenberg

On the way back to LA to our monthly ‘Hoot’ after seeing the profoundly moving retrospective of Beth Eisenberg’s mother, the late artist Roberta Eisenberg. Her paintings spoke to me from across the room with titles like ‘Bardo’ and ‘Impermanence.’ A glowing testament to her great talent and huge spirit, even the sunset was calling her name. Thank you, Beth Eisenberg and Erin Doyle, for inviting us. And thank you, Roberta Eisenberg. You’ve touched my heart and soul.

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“The main block to transformation is the thought that we shouldn’t be where we are, that we should already be further along in our growth than we perceive ourselves to be.” I’ve had this quote on my desk for decades. On this same scrap of paper that I cut unevenly long ago. I’ve never re-typed it onto a new page Or framed it. Or re-cut the paper so it’s even. I like it just the way it is. And every time I reread it the words say as much to me now as they did then.


Life Advice

Bone Broth=Liquid Gold

This week I had my once-every-ten-years Colonoscopy day and for those in the same crappy boat- couldn’t help myself – you also know that a day of fasting culminates with drinking that hideous cleanse prep.  I want to mention something that worked wonderfully for me. The most wonderful way to do that day-long fast. Bone Broth. Bone Broth made from grass-fed organic beef bones and organic vegetables. I drank Bone Broth all day long, one mug after another and it curbed my hunger, gave me energy and soothed my anxious nerves. My daughter, Jenna makes this yummy, healthy bone broth and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s a life-saver – for colonoscopy preps or any time at all. Here’s her website but don’t take it from me. Try it! She calls it Liquid Gold and indeed it is. (Sold at Farmer’s Markets in LA and available for delivery.) Here is the link: