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Slipper Camp: Mothers and Daughters


Due to low attendance, I’ve decided to cancel Grandmas & Grandkids this year and offer Mothers and Daughters in honor of Mother’s Day coming up.

The Fourth Annual Mothers and Daughters Slipper Camp starts on the day after Mother’s Day (May 10th) and ends May 28th. Many mothers and daughters have taken this Slipper Camp together and loved it.

I was inspired to create this Slipper Camp when I studied this photo of my mother and me. At three months old I’m already trying to crawl out of her arms. Eager to see the world. Unwilling to be contained. My mother smiles beatifically, unaware of the restless soul in her arms…

We’ll be writing about ourselves, our mothers and/or mother figures, our daughters-biological or chosen – nieces, goddaughters, stepdaughters or any young woman we mentor. We’ll be exploring the relationship between women of different generations.

As always, you can stay home and write in your PJs and slippers. As always, if you enroll you will receive 3 prompts a day (every other day) for 20 days. As always, you will write 1,000 words on a prompt of your choosing and send it to me. Email me for details at

Only open to the first ten writers who sign up. Please DM me for tuition as payment will secure your spot.

2 thoughts on “Slipper Camp: Mothers and Daughters”

  1. Hi Linda, I’m still in recovery mode from my stroke, physical therapy for my right arm and hand 2 times a week. I’m not writing at all, just printing with my left hand. It works well for the crossword puzzle but still in the practice stage for any other handwriting. My right side is getting stronger every day. The good news is that I’m finally beginning to get some creative thinking back into my brain and hopefully the “juice” will start flowing again. It has been a tedious and exhausting process getting from wheelchair to walker to cane, which I only need to use now when I go out. My new normal is finally becoming a fit and progress feels so good!I miss slipper camps but have a big bank of memories and a binder full of stories that I share. Thank you for the fun and for your wonderful support! You are one special lady and I’m so glad I ended up at that book signing for Tears and Tequila that night. Happy Mother’s Day!Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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