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Upcoming Open Slipper Camps

Thrilled to pieces that my next two online writing Slipper Camps are already full – Slipper Camp: the secrets we carry (July 9 – 30) and Slipper Camp: Home (August 13 – Sept 2.) Now opening enrollment for my Slipper Camp: Love (Sept 17 – Oct 5) and ALL NEW Slipper Camp: Grandmothers & Grandkids (October 22 – Nov 9).

Hope you can join!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Open Slipper Camps”

  1. Me me me me me me me this is  Shelley dictating in the car and clearly  Not suckingworking at all.

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note8.


    1. hi, me me me me this is Shelley. What exactly are you responding to?
      You are one of a kind, woman! xoxoxo


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