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Westport Library, Nanuet Library, & Childhood Friends

It’s been an amazing ‘old home week’ on the east coast. In Westport, I’m staying at the beautiful home of my childhood friend, Lucy, which whom I share so much history and who spearheaded the event at The Westport Library. And who should happen to walk into the Library as I was talking? My best friend from P.S. 87, Cynthia, who lives nearby. Here we are at age 7, in my kitchen and last night, in Lucy’s living room, after a great time together.




What a night! Thank you, Westport Library. You brought in a crowd, projected Tracy McGonigle’s cover larger than life, made me feel at home and acknowledged. So honored to be here.

Westport Library Tears and Tequila event- my first novel projected in the background
Having fun with the crowd
The Westport Library were wonderful hosts, I am so grateful


So thankful for the wonderful event at the Nanuet Library! How fantastic to be with three generations of women – Wendy, Lexie, and Dorrie. I love you all.




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