Slipper Camp

Slipper Camp – IT’S ABOUT TIME


Dear Friends,

The first online Slipper Camps 2016 (LOVE, LOVE 2.0 and HOME) have generated the most exquisite writings. Thank you for your words. I feel honored to receive them.

On May 20, 2016, IT’S ABOUT TIME will be the subject of the next online Writing Slipper Camp of 2016.

I hope you will be 1 of 10 writers who will receive 3 illustrated prompts about TIME every OTHER morning for 20 days, along with daily writing tips and coaching suggestions. You will be writing 1,000 words (2 pages) on 1 of the 3 daily prompts and sending them to me by midnight every OTHER day. We will talk on the phone after Slipper Camp ends.

IT’S ABOUT TIME starts on May 20 and ends on June 8. As always, it will fill up fast so please let me know if you’re joining us.

Over 300 writers/non-writers have taken this structured online writing class since 2011. Books have been started and finished in Slipper Camps; scripts have been written; writings from Slipper Camps have been published in journals.

If interested, please email me at or join the Facebook event here. The price is $200 for the entire Slipper Camp and I accept check, paypal, etc.

Let’s ring in the summer of 2016 with our writings about TIME!

Also – the subject of Slipper Camp JUNE will be THE WORLD OF MY IMAGINATION.
Starts June 20 (first day of summer) ends July 9.

Please feel free to sign up for one or both of these. Again, Slipper Camps fill up fast!


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The Alchemy of Healing Workshop #2

Testimonials from the first Alchemy of Healing:

“We were all glowing under your encouragement and support. I am so honored to have been part of the group.
Yoga prior to writing unleashed such a lovely atmosphere for responding to your well thought out prompts. It was a most enjoyable, most memorable day.”
– Patty Paul

“Thank you everyone for a beautifully intense, thoughtful, thought provoking, special and healing day. I was awed by your talents and grateful for the warmth and encouragement given to me – a novice!

If you had just smiled, it would have been enough, if you had just smiled and said kind words… It would have been enough…if you had just smiled, said kind words and hugged… It would have been enough!!!!!

Anne and Linda- you were both perfect!!!!! Thank you for making this happen – and please thank your caterers and cookie “dealers” for the scrumptious food!
When is the next one?!”
-Nicole Netanel

“Thank you everyone for a beautiful “Spa Day”. It changed my whole outlook.I have been bragging all week to my family and friends how one wonderful day with such a beautiful group of women has filled my heart with joy, with understanding, with new life.

I was feeling loss, no, that I had died inside. But you ladies breathed life into me…I was lifted by your kindness and honesty.”
-Carol Edwardson
A mind, body, spirit workshop by
on Saturday, December 5, 2015 from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”
-Leonard Cohen

“The Alchemy of Healing” was inspired by the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.

Through a powerful blend of meditation and movement accessible to everyone, writing exercises, group sharing, and discussion we will dive deep into the stories that live inside us and are waiting to be told.

Linda and Ann invite you to move, breathe, laugh, and write, using your mind, body, and spirit in this enlightening workshop.

There will be a delicious catered lunch and dessert.

Please join us for an inspiring experience that stays with you long after you return home.

3491 Shernoll Place
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

If interested reserve your space & RSVP to:
Linda Schreyer
Ann Braden

by November 26th

Info about Linda and Ann:

Linda Schreyer has taught writing classes for the past 20 years. She is a produced television/screen writer and novelist (“Tears and Tequila.”) She has held staff writing positions on General Hospital, Port Charles, Sunset Beach (for which she received a Writers Guild Award nomination) and The Bold and the Beautiful; co-wrote television movies A Place at the Table (for which she received a Christopher Award and an Ollie Award) and A House of Secrets and Lies ; wrote the original screenplay, Ohmigod! for Touchstone Productions. She was sent to Moscow by Sony Pictures Television to teach Russian writers to write for serial television. In 2014 her first novel was published to rave reviews. It is now in development as a television series. You can find her at

Ann Braden started practicing yoga in the early ’90’s “with my big hair-sprayed bangs.’’ She has taught yoga for the past 14 years. She is registered as an E-RYT500 and is a proud member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), with certifications from Loyola Marymount University, YogaWorks, Yoga of the Heart and from Sherry Brourman, author of Walk Yourself Well. Her personal experience with breast cancer led her to seek specialty certifications to share yoga with others who have been touched by cancer. She has led yoga workshops, focusing on breath and movement to strengthen, stretch and tune into each individual’s innate healing capacity. Her ability to create community in her classes, her kind and caring nature and her great sense of humor have made Ann a beloved yoga teacher in Los

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Slipper Camp – Love & Mercy


Dear Writers,

I’m excited to announce a brand new Slipper Camp. The subject: LOVE & MERCY ON AUGUST 2 – AUGUST 21.

Slipper Camp is a 20 day online writing experience. (10 days of receiving writing prompts; 2 days to write each one.) I call it Slipper Camp because you can stay home and write in your PJ’S and slippers.

Every morning at 7:00 AM the day’s prompts will arrive in your mailbox. You will be asked to write 1,000 words every other day (approx. 2 pages) on a prompt of your choice and you will send it to me by midnight of the following day.

Every day I will acknowledge that I got it. Every day I will read your writing. But I won’t comment on it yet. (Because Slipper Camp is designed to create a rhythm of writing daily or every other day, without feedback. Yet.)

When the 20 days are up, you will have written 10,000 words. No small feat.

When the 20 days are up we will talk one-on-one (over the phone) about your writing.

NOTE: SLIPPER CAMP IS ONLY OPEN TO THE FIRST 10 WRITERS WHO SIGN UP. Can’t read more than that every day!

This Slipper Camp will guide you to write about love and mercy in any way you choose. What does love mean to you? Is mercy a sign of weakness or strength? Every day there will be several different prompts to choose from. What you write will depend on how the prompts hit you.

In 2011, I noticed that there were many online Writing Boot Camps – they all ask for writing to be done every day. I decided that pace was too hectic – ergo, Slipper Camp. Geared to our busy lives. A gentler way to get some great writing done over 20 days. I create three unique prompts per day for you to choose from – totaling 30 prompts per Slipper Camp. OR you can choose to write from none of the prompts and use this as a kickass way to get 10,000 words written over 20 days. However you do it, It WORKS.

Now, over 250 writers later, this is my 16th Slipper Camp with brand new prompts.

So let’s get writing and have some fun! Please message me for the fee. I welcome you to Slipper Camp!

Also, sign up using this link: