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On June 24, 2016, IMAGINATION will be the subject of the fifth online Writing Slipper Camp of 2016.

I’ve lived in my imagination my whole life so I’m with Einstein: LOGIC WILL GET YOU FROM POINT A TO POINT B. IMAGINATION WILL TAKE YOU ANYWHERE.

Over 325 writers/non-writers have taken this structured online writing class since 2011. Books/screenplays and a play have been started and finished in Slipper Camps; articles written from prompts have been published; writers have used this structured online Slipper Camp to start or renew their writing practice.

I hope you will be 1 of 10 writers who will take this particular Slipper Camp. You will receive 3 illustrated prompts about IMAGINATION every OTHER morning for 20 days, along with daily writing tips and coaching suggestions. You will be writing 1,000 words (2 pages) on 1 of the 3 daily prompts and sending it to me by midnight every OTHER day.

Starts June 24 and ends July 13.
Please register on Facebook ( or email me!

Cost: $200 .

Let’s ring in the summer of 2016 with our words about IMAGINATION.

Only open to the first 10 writers who sign up.

Thank you.
Can’t wait to read your writings.

2 thoughts on “Slipper Camp- IMAGINATION”

  1. LINDA… did you really mean it starts on July 24th ? or is it June 24th.. if it is July I can join you all.. but if June, my brother and family arrive June 25th and leave July 3rd so I would have to pass on class.. please advise.. thanks. patty


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