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Slipper Camp – Impermanence


What a nerve-wracking time! I’ve been searching for the next topic for my online Slipper Camp but everything I thought of, I ended up rejecting. Not deep enough. Not relevant enough for today’s world. Then I came upon this photo of a majestic sand castle created at the water’s edge. I marveled at the non-attachment of building such a creation, knowing it would be destroyed by the next wave. That will be the topic of the next online writing Slipper Camp – Impermanence. To live our lives in every moment. To build, to love, knowing that life can change in a moment. Like a beautiful sand castle that’s washed away by the next wave. If you want to write about that online with me, please PM me and we’ll send you details.

Starts November 12th. Limited to 10 writers, five spaces taken already. LOVE!

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