Slipper Camp

Maggie Doyne & BlinkNow Foundation

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Last night I realized I wanted this Slipper Camp to raise $ for an extraordinary woman’s mission. An extraordinary Mother. Maggie Doyne. She started BlinkNow – and Kopila Valley school – in 2006 in Nepal when she was 19 years old… with her babysitting money! Since then Maggie’s changed the lives of countless women and children through a school, a women’s center, a safe house, and a children’s home. Right now she’s quarantined in Surkhet with 54 of her kids. Slipper Camp Mothers and Daughters will be a fundraiser for them. A portion of every tuition will go straight to BlinkNow.
Here’s Maggie in a piece from CNN. Once you’ve seen it you’ll know why she and her mission are the perfect choice for us.

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