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Slipper Camp: Light in the Dark


“Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”

Those are the words on the Christopher Award I won for creating a movie about hunger in America. They are truer today than ever before.

My next online writing Slipper Camp – Light in the Dark – will inspire you to write about hope, love, and kindness in the world around us.

Every word you write will raise money for ADL a leading anti-hate organization.

I hope you will be one of the 10 writers who will receive illustrated prompts about Light in the Dark every other morning for 20 days, along with coaching suggestions. You will be writing 1,000 words every OTHER DAY and sending them to me by midnight.

Please join us.
Limit: 10 writers
Starts: March 9th – March 27th
Please let me know if you’re interested in joining us.
Payment secures your spot.

Thank you, Be Boggs, for your exquisite finesse with this photo of Jazz.

1 thought on “Slipper Camp: Light in the Dark”

  1. Oh jeez, I might not be able to resist. Have to consider. In a workshop 9th thru 13th!

    LOL! Such a beautiful photo!

    The Possibility of Peace, Prosperity, Abundance, and Well Being, through Communication!



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