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Slipper Camp – Freedom


Dear Writers,

The last Slipper Camp – MINDFULNESS – took us into the election and past it. Twelve writers wrote at a heightened time, a critical time in our lives and the life of this country. I don’t need to remind any of us about that.

Like a beautiful sand castle that’s washed away by the next wave, our lives changed in a moment on November 8th. Every Slipper Camp writer who wrote on the 30 prompts about MINDFULNESS said it was an enormously positive, grounding, helpful and, for some, a lifechanging experience to be writing at that time.

In the past month I’ve searched within and without to find the topic of the next Slipper Camp. I finally settled on FREEDOM. Please click on the photo above. It helped me to decide on that as our topic.

I can’t think of anything more relevant about which to write 10,000 words in January. FREEDOM. We’ll be writing on Martin Luther King Day, the March on Washington and the Inauguration. We’ll be writing about FREEDOM from many different angles. I’m already creating the 30 prompts we’ll be using and hope you’ll be writing along with me. FREEDOM. Don’t you love the ring of that word?


SLIPPER CAMP is an online writing class. It’s open to only 10 writers who will receive 3 illustrated prompts about FREEDOM every OTHER morning for 20 days along with daily writing tips and coaching suggestions.

If you join you’ll be writing 1,000 words (2 pages) on 1 of the 3 daily prompts and sending them to me by midnight every OTHER day. Whenever I get your words I’ll read them and let you know I got them. At the end of Slipper Camp we’ll set a one-hour call to talk about your writings.

Hundreds of writers have taken this structured online writng course over the past years. The most common comment I hear is that the combination of structure and accountability yields good writing. Books, screenplays, a play, two novels and numerous published articles have been generated in Slipper Camps.

If you want to join Slipper Camp please email me at (or join the facebook event here) and we’ll send you details. Starts January 15. Ends February 2. Limited to 10 writers, 5 spaces are taken already.

Slipper Camp is a place where you discover yourself on the page.
Slipper Camp allows you to remember who you are.
If you have more to say (who doesn’t?) please join Slipper Camp.
If your story is ongoing please use Slipper Camp to continue it.
If you feel you don’t write enough, come write in Slipper Camp.
Please join us.



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