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Slipper Camp Prompt Example

Here is an actual prompt from my Slipper Camp – Love (which has had over 40 students so far).

Every other day I send out three prompts for my slipper campers to choose from (and below is an example of one).



These words speak to me of the best possible version of love.  Perhaps you’ve experienced that. Perhaps you haven’t and long for it. You might write about having loved someone exactly as they are. No ifs ands or buts. You might write about watching that person become empowered because of your seeing and appreciating them in their essence. It could be a lover, a friend, a spouse, child, grandchild, whoever. If that’s how the quote hits you, please write about a specific moment with that person. A moment when you knew your love was lighting them up. OR…. You might write about a moment when someone else loved you that way. Tell us about that. Or perhaps you haven’t been loved that way or loved someone else like that. You might write about a moment when you longed for that kind of love and didn’t experience it. These words are an open door. The beginning of our exploration into love you’ve given, gotten or longed for.

If you decide to write on this prompt please make your writing specific, not general, using moments with sensory details to tell your story.

How to use a prompt? The way to use a prompt in your writing is to look at the words, close your eyes, and keep them closed until a story, image, memory or first line emerges. Then open your eyes and begin to write. A prompt is an open-ended offering, meant to be translated and used by each of us in our own unique way. You may create a poem, a story, a list, a memory, a fiction, a haiku, a letter, a portrait, anything you like.

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