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Robin Lim

Almost 8 years ago, this woman, Ibu Robin Lim, CNN Hero of the year, delivered our Jazz in a bathtub in Bali filled with frangipani flowers. If you take a look at this video she’s walking through the construction site of her new Yayasan Bumi Sehat clinic, where any woman can go for prenatal care and to safely deliver her baby. For free. Robin, who goes to the poorest, war-torn countries to help women safely give birth, is known as the Mother Teresa of babies. I will be visiting her and the half-done new clinic when I go to Bali. And I will be asking her in the next few days what supplies I can bring from here. I, Elizabeth Gilbert and many others have helped support Robin’s work and they welcome donations to finish the clinic. Please let me know if you’d like to help. With eternal gratitude for our Ibu (‘mother’ in Balinese) Robin Lim.

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