Best Night

The best night ever. Ever!! Such a glorious introduction by wondrous Deborah Goldberger, who spearheaded this event and took such exquisite care of me. Thank you to Revel
Avila for the most luscious tequila. Thank you to the most receptive audience I’ve ever spoken to. I’ve never talked about my ‘accidental life’ in show biz (from start to finish) before. I never knew anyone would be interested. Thank you to the warm and welcoming Sisterhood at Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue and to all of you, dear friends, who came. I’m still aglow!

12400839_10208087598568795_2527404123059098566_n 12509697_10208087599008806_1003963796017292453_n 12509832_10208087598008781_8817858489017314397_n 12523099_10208087598288788_626103793766617787_n 12540712_10208087597928779_5196511720194608968_n

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