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One year ago, my Second Generation group (daughters of Holocaust survivors) celebrated the launch of “Tears and Tequila” complete with the most incredible cake. We’ve been meeting for the past 10 years and have shared the many ways in which we’re ‘different the same’ as a result of our parents’ common experiences. On this night, one year ago, I felt more deeply seen, heard and acknowledged than ever. I could feel our parents watching over us as we laughed and I can see the love in all of our eyes when I look at this photo. Thank you, Darlene Basch, for leading our group so wonderfully well. Thank you, Judith Chorub Gurian, for throwing the best book party ever. Thank you to all of our parents, who survived terrible tragedies and yet raised resilient daughters. I am so very grateful for the gifts we were given and the friendships we share.



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