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Slipper Camp- Family



Dear Writers,

I’m excited to announce a new Slipper Camp!!!

– Slipper Camp is a 20 day online writing experience. (10 days of receiving writing prompts; 2 days to write each one.) I call it Slipper Camp because you can stay home and write in your PJ’S and slippers!
I also call it Slipper Camp because, unlike other online Boot Camps, you have two days to write each prompt instead of one.
– When you sign up, every OTHER morning, starting September 11th and ending on October 1st, you will receive writing prompts from me in your email.
– You will get explicit instructions about how to do this.
– You will be asked to write 1,000 words (approx 2 pages) on a prompt and to send it to me by midnight of the following day.
When the 20 days are up, you will have written 20,000 words. No small feat.
After it ends, we will talk (over the phone) about your writing

And the theme is…. FAMILY.
We all have one. We all have things to say about this subject. This Slipper Camp will guide you to write about one of the subjects you know best.
This can be a great opportunity to say what you’ve been thinking about or longing to say; to tell family stories you’ve never written down; a chance to write about a special family photo or a childhood memory or something that happened last week.
(OR.. you can ignore the prompts and use Slipper Camp as a 20 day kick in the pants to work on that project you’ve been putting down.
Many have used it that way.)

That’s it. (By the way, this is the one and only Slipper Camp of its kind. There are other online Writing Boot Camps – but they all ask for writing to be done every day. I decided that pace was too hectic for us – ergo, Slipper Camp. Geared to our busy lives. A gentler way to get some writing done over 20 days.)
– Tuition is the same as always – $200 ($10/day for 20 days.)
Please pass this on if you like.

Also, sign up using this link:

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